My uncle, Meyers Rohowsky, an artist, introduced me to the world of art and artists in post-war Manhattan. I am inspired by creative personalities, in the theatre, literature or fine art. Throughout my professional career, I continually drew and always traveled with a sketch book. Moving to Manhattan, I studied at The Art Students’ League and was transfixed by the works of the Abstract Expressionists of the 1950s.

They are the most important influences on my style. Like them, I first began painting representational work in an abstract style. As with them I quickly evolved a non-objective means of expression; it was the best way to convey my inspirations, emotions and ideas.

Witnessing first hand the exciting art scene in New York in the 1960s, Op, Pop, living in vibrant Soho of the 1970s and summering in the Springs between East Hampton and Amagansett – the land of Jackson Pollock – all this was a milieu in which my imagination was fired and my desire to paint thrived.

Color, the gesture of the brush stroke and the integrity of the surface of the canvas are of prime importance to me. I paint in acrylics both for the speed of the medium as well as the vibrant colors. I strive to engender the same emotions and ideas in the viewer as I feel when I put my brush to canvas.


Photo Helen Bernstein